MOVEDBYMATTER is art-performance company/production house by Kasper Vandenberghe inspired by an infamous scene during the 24-hour endurance piece ‘Mount Olympus’ by Jan Fabre, in which MOVEDBYMATTER’s founder and director Kasper Vandenberghe makes passionate love to an infant pine.


The compelling scene shows there is no such thing as a meaningless object. There is nothing that cannot move us. We live in a world of animate objects. From the cupboard in the hallway, the cactus on the window sill to the concrete brickwork of the sidewalk.


This is easy to understand, even with a minimum of imagination.


Taking the animate of the mundane as the central tenet, MOVEDBYMATTER builds performances and creates concepts which test the animacy of our bodily routine movements and daily rituals. How is it possible to create a choreography of movements that escape our conscious control? What is the physical translation of our unconscious thoughts?


Last but not least, how do time and the body interact?


Next to performances, MOVEDBYMATTER designs events where the animate nature of objects is released upon crowds. What are the effects of these objects on their perception of time, their connection and their conversational vigour?


Kasper VDB


Performer and actor Kasper Vandenberghe (1983) founded the company MOVEDBYMATTER in 2018. Starting in 2004 at Toneelklas Dora van der Groen, in the initial stage of his career he worked for the renowned Dutch theatre company Zuidelijk Toneel and Ghent’s theatre collective Ontroerend Goed.


Since 2008 Vandenberghe performs at Jan Fabre’s Troubleyn company. He played parts in Troubleyn’s ‘Orgy of Tolerance’, ‘Prometheus Landscape II’, ‘The Power of Theatrical Madness’, ‘This Is Theatre Like It Was To Be Expected and Foreseen (Reenactment)’, as well as in the endurance piece ‘Mount Olympus’.


Since 2013 he teaches at the Teaching Group Jan Fabre in Antwerp.



Founding member Wouter Vermeylen (1976) started as arts centre Vooruit’s building manager in 2001. In 2004 he joins event bureau ‘Les Nuits Tout Courts’, an organization putting itself to the task of organizing the parties the organizers always dreamt of going to. After Vermeylen’s arrival, the organization started collaborating with Ghent’s Time Festival and SMAK. Later on, it created events for Vooruit, Museum Dr. Guislain and NTGent.


In the same year, the same team founded the organization ‘Handelsreizigers in Ideeën’ which devises customized exhibitions, campaigns and events inspired by the arts and sciences.


In 2011 Wouter founded Yesplan, a spin-off of arts centre Vooruit that develops planning software for the cultural sector. He currently still sits as the organization’s CEO.



Dramaturge Matthias Velle (°1987) has been part of MOVEDBYMATTER since 2019. Previously, he was associated with the University of Ghent, as scientific collaborator of the Department of Literary Studies. His academic research concerned myth, tragedy and the tragic in the work of the renowned Flemish author Peter Verhelst.


From 2014 onwards, he has worked as a dramaturge for KVS (‘Odysseus’), LOD muziektheater (‘Flandria’), NTGent (‘In Europa’), Ruhrtriennale (‘Die Fremden’), Theater Malpertuis (‘Ivanov’), Theater Rotterdam (‘In Europa’) and Victoria Deluxe, the community arts centre of Ghent (‘Sense in the City’, ‘Speak Out’, ‘The Art of Organising Hope’), almost always combining his role of dramaturge with that of scriptwriter, curator or coach. In NTGent, Ruhrtriennale and Theater Rotterdam, Velle collaborated intensely with the Dutch director Johan Simons.


See his LinkedIn profile for a detailed CV.